Statisticians & creatives

Presented on
Cannes Lions Health festival

Healthcare data can be complex and inaccessible even for healthcare professionals. Is there a simple way to make it legible and possible to understand? Statisticians + Creative is a project aiming to redesign the scientific documentation on medial research, making it easier and more pleasant to read. This project was a collaboration between 20 selected UAL students and Ogilvy Commonhealth, the compilation of works was presented at Cannes Lions Health in 2015.

made for
Ogilvy CommonHealth, London
Idea, Design. Information visualization.


Here is a sample article on trial medications for prostate cancer treatment, the one HCPs encounter every day.

95% of physicians indicated that it is important to understand the statistics they encounter in medical journals

75% Indicated that they could not currently do so

What if .. someone designs an easy-to-read layout?

The same article after redesign.

I left the design B&W, as it is cost-effective and minimized graphic presentation of the information to keep the impartial look of the scientific document.

It speeds up the reading of an article immensely, by the words of the healthcare professionals(not mine!).

Research & guidelines

In order to design the layout, I've interviewed doctors and found out what information they are looking for in the Abstract of an article. That resulted in the set of simple guidelines,


This project was a part of a big collaboration between Central Saint Martins and Ogilvy CommonHealth,

It was presented on the Lions festival and in the supporting publication. Later the whole collaboration was exhibited at the Lethaby Gallery. Why?