fiat coin

Digital money and finance is a mystery for many people. Currently more than 97% of money in the UK is digital, and it is time to know more about financial sector and money. What is digital money at all? Is it real?

An image worth a thousand words. And luckily, digital money has no brand, no physicality. no look, no presentation. With the commission of the British Museum I have created an image of the contemporary financial system and digital money and a sculpture based on it, 'Fiat Coin.' Fiat Coin is made specially for the central case of the exhibition 'Money Matters,' which was held at the British Museum from June until October, 2016.

Dec- Sep
Made For
The British Museum
Idea, Sculpture,
Graphic Design, Webdesign


The top of the sculpture is the image of cash we have in mind when we think about money, transparent, as it's physicality fades. The middle and bottom layers are the maps of the financial establishments, divided by their accessibility of the financial instruments they provide. The maps are based on my research on user experience design of the websites listed in the Bank Of England.

Supporting Graphics

In addition to the exhibition piece, I have created graphic design to substitute plain text labels, which was a novelty for the British Museum, and contributed the supporting graphics for the entry boards of the exhibition.

Website is a website I've made about the sculpture.