Budget app

Budget App is a startup I participated in back in 2013. It is a budgeting application that automatically categorizes payments and the location where they were made, it links to multiple cards and accounts. Not impressive? Would be back in 2013. The development was stopped by the investor after MVP prototype was finished. Which is a pity, but happens. Interestingly, the UK bank Monzo, which became a bank just a couple of month ago, in 2017 have done exactly what we wanted to. It now is one of the best examples of UX design in personal finance and the first bank, that started from UX. I am not saying that we could be Monzo, I am saying that interesting ideas are only good when finished. Anyway, here is the basic prototype of this application that did not happen

Made For
a private investor
UX design,


The application has a unique UX flow - all the information is available on glance from the launching page.

NB, these are stock icons and designs, it's only about UX, not graphic design.

Main Screen
Main shows both statistics and your current spendings - all you want to know about your finance at a glance